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Relax Your Mind at Vidanta

Relax Your Mind at Vidanta: A stay at a Vidanta resort is a perfect way to re-energize your mind, body and soul. After a day of beautiful weather and sunshine, you’ll find your day of relaxation doesn’t end at sundown. Whether you spend the day with family at the beach, playing in the sand, boogey-boarding, swimming or playing beach volleyball; or whether you decide to lounge by the pool while the famous Vidanta service pampers you with delicious food and drinks, you’ll find relaxation extends all the way to the evening. Book a delicious dinner through your on-floor concierge, and...


Vidanta Grand Mayan – A Celebration of Vacation

Vidanta Grand Mayan – A Celebration of Vacation. The Grand Mayan is the perfect vacation destination for you and your family. With five locations scattered across Mexico, you can be free to design the vacation of your dreams. Flexibility is what sets the Grand Mayan apart from other resorts, and even other accommodations within Vidanta. You can choose a Grand Mayan in any of the following locations: Looking for great snorkeling and SCUBA? Check out the Riviera Maya location, located just south of Cancun. Vidanta provides a free transfer from the airport to the resort, so your vacation begins the...


The Grand Luxxe – Your Best Family Vacation Destination

Vidanta Grand Luxxe Vidanta Grand Luxxe – Having traveled all over the world, to hotels, on cruises, city condominiums and exotic resorts, Dwaine and I agree that the Grand Luxxe is simply the best family vacation destination. Whether you’re staying in Nuevo Vallarta just outside of Puerto Vallarta on the magnificent Banderas Bay, or in the Riviera Maya, with it’s calm turquoise-blue Caribbean water, the Grand Luxxe provides everything you want in a perfect family vacation. Removing the Hassle of Family Travel: Step One, Find the Right Space Traveling with family, while rewarding, comes with a big bundle of problems. ...

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Vidanta Offers “A Walk to the Beach” Excursion

A Walk to the Beach is a flora and fauna excursion offered at Vidanta’s exclusive resort on the Mayan Riviera in Quintana Roo.  Through a guided tour you get the chance to see numerous specimens of plants, birds and animals unique to the Caribbean coast of Mexico. (To see more about the exclusive Grand Luxxe resorts located throughout Mexico, click here.) Over the years, Vidanta has adopted a clear conservation philosophy at their resorts.  Instead of fighting the jungle, replacing it with lawns and artificial landscaping, the company chooses to work within the natural surroundings.  At the Riviera Maya, you’ll...

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Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya – Privacy in Paradise

The Riviera Maya is a stretch of Mexican coastline beginning just south of Cancun on the eastern Yucatan peninsula, all the way to the Mayan ruin of Tulum.  Calm Caribbean waters, in that unique shade of turquoise, attract millions of sun-worshiping tourists each season.  And with dozens of resorts to choose from, finding the perfect spot for a vacation can be a bit daunting. The Grand Luxxe resort is part of the Vidanta family of resorts, and is located about 30 km south of the Cancun airport. The resort is comprised of multiple tiers of residences.  The basic residence is...