Monthly Archive: March 2019

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Mexican Folk Art in Puerto Vallarta

If you’ve traveled near the US/Mexico border, you’ve no doubt seen the beaded artwork in various shops and stalls.  Sometimes you’ll even see someone painstakingly working on an art piece in the shop, tapping tiny, colorful beads into a beeswax-coated wooden carving of an animal, a mask, or perhaps an egg.  We’ve bought our share of those, and have enjoyed giving them as gifts to friends.  But if you think these pieces constitute the entire breadth of Mexican folk art, you are sorely mistaken. Several years ago, while shopping in downtown Puerto Vallarta, we stumbled upon a shop called Peyote...


Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta – A Private Chef Experience

Recently, Dwaine and I traveled to Nuevo Vallarta with three other couples to stay at The Residence at Vidanta.  This four-bedroom, 6,000 sq. ft. unit is currently the largest unit available at Vidanta (though the Jungle Estates are being constructed as you read this – more on that later). The point of our two-week stay was to reconnect with our friends.  Life gets busy, even being retired.  We travel quite a lot, so making time with people can get difficult, and spending time with all of them together is downright rare!  So we planned this getaway a year ago to...