Vidanta Ambassador Program – Free Voucher!

Don Herman

Hi, I'm Don from Denver, Colorado. I retired from being Chief of Operations for a Denver metro area school district in 2013 and have been traveling the world since. I love sharing my tips and observations from my travels.

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13 Responses

  1. Thomas S. says:

    This seems like a really cool travel idea.  How many different countries do you have vouchers for?  It’s been about 2 years since my last trip, so I’m definitely ready to travel.  You mentioned that it’s for a good cause.  Can you give tell me what that cause is?  I might have missed it on that page.  Thanks for sharing this.  I had never heard of it before.

    • Don Herman says:

      We give two to our Mapleton Education Foundation each year to support scholarships for kids.  But we also just give them to friends and folks through our website.  Right now, Vidanta has resorts in Nuevo Vallarta (just north of Puerto Vallarta), Riviera Maya (the Caribbean coast between Cancun and Playa del Carmen), Acapulco (on the Diamante south of town), San Jose del Cabo (near Cabo San Lucas), Mazatlan, and Puerto Penasco.  All in Mexico.  

  2. ROBERT L HOLKER says:

    I am interested in getting a voucher.

  3. sheena says:

    please email me some details. we had a voucher from a charity, but have sadly misplaced it and do not have a copy of the code

  4. Angela says:

    I have some you can use to add to your inventory Mr. Herman. If interested feel free to reach out.

  5. Ari says:

    Any Vouchers for 2021?

  6. Laura Flores says:

    Hi Don – I am interested in a voucher. I’ve never been to this property but it looks great!

  7. Amber says:

    Hi! I’d love to get more information on your ambassador certificate. We are hoping to go to Grand Luxxe Puerta Vallarta in October 2021

  8. Ebony says:

    Hi Don!

    We’re owners at Vidanta, and just upgraded our contract when we visited again (July 2021). We have some new certificates if you need any extras for this year (until the end of 2022).

    Take care!

    • Don Herman says:

      Thanks! If I run out and someone wants more, I may ask you for some. They are linked to your contract number, so you would get credit, but at least my customers would be happy.

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